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You are a Genius - Unlocking the Power of the Mind

(Excerpted From The Jim Rohn One-Year Achievement Plan - Mainstay Eleven: Accelerated Learning)Hi, Jim Rohn here. This month we focus on accelerating our erudition processes.

Reaping a Many Reward

For every closely controlled effort, there are many rewards. That's one of life's great arrangements.

The Subtlety of Language

I have found that every now and then the crafty change in our attitude, which of classes can make a major alteration in our future, can be as down-to-earth as the dialect we use. The alteration in even how you talk to physically or others.

All Life Desires to Reward Its Benefactors

(Excerpted from the 1999 Weekend Discussion group audio/CD series)Parents, leaders, employers, teachers and volunteers have you open one of the great categorical mysteries of life? Here it is - All life seems to wish to reward its benefactor.If you be converted into the benefactor, you will be given these incredible rewards.

The Major Key to Your Develop Coming is You

Of all the clothes that can have an appearance on your future, I deem delicate advance is the greatest. We can talk about sales growth, profit growth, asset growth, but all of this in all probability will not ensue not including individual growth.

The Formula For Bankruptcy and Success

(Excepted from the book The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn)Failure is not a single, devastating event. We do not fail overnight.

Let It Be You

Each and every day, there are associates all about the fatherland and world who are breathing their dreams. Millionaires are made every day.

Success Is Everything

(Excerpted From the 2001 Jim Rohn Millennium Weekend Event - Jim Rohn/Zig Ziglar VIP Lunch)Someone once said to me that hit isn't the whole thing and I think I know what they certainly meant. I have faith in they certainly meant that money wasn't the lot and I absolutely agree with that.

Enterprise Is Advance than Ease

If we are complicated in a project, how hard ought to we work at it? How much time ought to we put in?Our beliefs about action and our feelings about hard work will concern the class of our lives. What we choose about the apt ratio of labor to rest will ascertain a a selection of work ethic.

Psychology of Success

You must appreciate You are by now a Success, and ahead of you think I'm crazy read added you'll get the point.Have you Ever wondered what is the thing you in my opinion call success? What makes you feel good about yourself, is it to be rich to be famed to be official by citizens to be loved or even to be hated?It is bizarre but most colonize never ask themselves to characterize the thing, they call success.

Are You Learning?

Whether you are self-employed, whether you are an employee, whether you are parent, whether you are a scholar we all need to be learning. To stand still, to learn no more, or worse than that to think we know all there is to know, is a major mistake.

An Image Makeover that will Adjustment Your Life Forever

Have you ever met citizens who exude charm and charisma? They have enigmatic power and delicate allure that is beautiful to everyone. Some of their charming qualities are good manners, poise and a great personality.

What Do You Feed Your Mind?

"The mind grows by what it feeds on." J.

Balance Of Life

Mary and Susan were associates for years. They grew up as one and attended the same schools.


IF and WHEN were friends. Every week they met and had lunch.

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